A Beginner-Friendly Guide to Ben Wa Balls

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Since the book and the film ‘Fifty shades of gray’ the Ben Wa balls are very popular. Other names for these popular balls are: Ben Wa balls, cone balls, pleasure balls, vaginal balls and Ben Wa balls. Do you want to know how Ben Wa balls work? And how you use them? What to choose between Wireless vibrating Ben Wa balls vs. normal Ben Wa balls? What types and materials are there? And which Ben Wa balls suit you? Here all information, facts and tips!

What are Ben Wa balls?

Ben Wa balls are literally balls that you insert into your vagina. They are made of different materials (glass, silicone, metal) and available in various models. Some are loose, others are stuck together and have a cord.

How does Ben Wa balls work?

Ben Wa balls are on the one hand very good to train your pelvic floor muscles. You can use these vaginal balls for your kegel exercise. That is what they originally intended for. On the other hand, they increase your sexual experience. In most balls there is a small weight that keeps them constantly moving when you move. When you walk, cycle or sit, the balls gently move against the vaginal wall (and your g-spot) and you feel a slight internal vibration. You do not immediately get an orgasm but the fact that your g-spot is stimulated gives an erotic and exciting feeling. You can wear them all day long: whether you are at home, sitting on the bike or at work. You can also enter them only during sex.

Pay attention

The sensitivity of the vaginal wall and the g-spot is different for every woman. There are women who feel nothing at all of the fact that they wear Ben Wa balls. Although you may not feel anything, it is very good for training your pelvic floor muscles. Good muscles also prevent annoying symptoms such as incontinence and the like.

Did you know?

Are you a beginning user then start with light Ben Wa balls. If you can hold it well after some practice, you can opt for a heavier version. Heavy vagina balls are suitable for the advanced user. Many women hold Ben Wa balls during the day? Why? The thought that they only know they have Ben Wa balls in, gives them an extra exhilarating feeling.

Strong pelvic floor muscles

As mentioned, Ben Wa balls or vagina balls are mainly intended to train your pelvic floor muscles. While wearing the balls you have to contract your muscles to keep the balls inside. Stronger pelvic floor muscles ultimately have a positive effect on your sex life. The feeling during sex is more intense, you make more natural moisture and your orgasm is ultimately much more intense with well-trained muscles. In short: a lot of benefit!

How do you bring in the balls?

In itself the answer is not really surprising. Push the balls in through the vagina (as you do with a tampon) and you’re done. Use lubricant if it is somewhat rough or painful. Make sure they are on top of the pelvic floor muscles (this is also where your tampon sits). But you can also try other places. Discover for yourself what you like best.

Which Ben Wa balls suit me?

Do you want to buy Ben Wa balls? Then first determine for what purpose you want to use them? Is it pure for eroticism? Or do you really want to train your pelvic floor muscles? Are you a beginner? Then choose the slightly lighter balls. If you are advanced, you can also use the heavier balls. For beginners also applies that the balls that are together and that you can remove with a thread again are often more pleasant than the loose vagina balls. Furthermore, things like materials and the size of the balls are important. Here, too, the smaller the better for beginners. The larger cone balls are more advanced for:

Silicone Ben Wa balls

Silicones Ben Wa balls feel soft. This material is cleaned quickly and easily and is safe to use. The silicone variant is suitable for the novice and advanced user.

Choose silicone Ben Wa balls if you are looking for:

  • Vaginal stimulation.
  • G-spot stimulation.
  • Training pelvic floor muscles.
  • Good hygiene.

Metal Ben Wa balls

Metal Ben Wa balls have such a ratio in terms of size and weight that the effect, even in the smallest variant, is very strong. It is deal for training your pelvic floor muscles and of course wonderful as an internal massage.

Choose metal Ben Wa balls if you are looking for:

  • Strong internal massage.
  • Vaginal stimulation.
  • G-spot stimulation.
  • Good hygiene.

The best Ben Wa balls for you?

What are the best Ben Wa balls for me’, are you wondering? Walk through all the information above and decide yourself which material, which model and which size you prefer. Again: if you are a beginner, choose the lighter, smaller vagina balls. Are you an advanced user? Then you can buy every set of Ben Wa balls that suits you best!