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Projectdavincispaceship.com aims to create a community of individuals who are into Source Filmmaker (SFM) porn. We’ve been active in the SFM porn community for several years, and we’ve hidden quietly behind the scenes. We’ve done our research on numerous topics within this subculture, and we’ve experimented and even perfected more than a few techniques.

We’ve had a healthy SFM porn experience over the years, and, we’ve also fallen victims to abusers hiding behind the mask of SFM.  Because of those life lessons, we’ve been obliged to seek counseling for trauma and to learn tools to use in exploring SFM safely.

We were fortunate enough to find a counselor who we could be open and upfront with about our lifestyle. Not only did she explain to us why the lifestyle is beneficial for us, but she also encouraged us to continue in it, carefully.  She helped us see more clearly red flags we would often miss and gave us advice on how to move forward and get out of the toxic cycle of abusive relationships.

We wanted to use this platform to reach out to like-minded people who may be feeling deviant for liking SFM porn. We are here to guide you through safely so please interact in our posts via the comment section.