Tips on how to cum in time(naturally)

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Having trouble with delaying ejaculation and prolonging sexual intercourse is a frequent problem for lots of guys. Regardless of your experience in bed, your sexual performance can come under threat if you can’t keep your load from spilling prematurely. Just like erectile dysfunction, it can affect how you see yourself and result in low self-esteem. Luckily, there’s a way to prolong sexual activity that doesn’t involve expensive treatments.

Premature ejaculation

Even though this fact doesn’t make it any less uncomfortable, premature ejaculation (PE) is an all-too-common issue for many men. It occurs when a male reaches an orgasm before he intends to. PE tends to happen within one minute of sexual stimulation and is usually something men can’t control and delay.

We’re not saying it’s a common occurrence to make you feel better. It’s just a fact since almost 30% of guys suffer from it. As such, it’s a source of sexual frustration and crippling anxiety. PE can become such a problem that some guys will begin to avoid any sexual contact in order not to disappoint their partners and feel bad about it.

How long does it last?

Time is a tricky thing. A long period for some is nothing for others. The same goes for masturbation and intercourse. However, there’s no timeframe that you must fulfill to consider yourself normal in sex. The average duration before reaching an orgasm for men is from one to ten minutes. There’s a big gap between these numbers, right? Well, sex therapists suggest that seven to thirteen minutes is the sweet spot.

When it comes to spanking your salami, it also varies. Masturbation differs from person to person, ranging from a couple of minutes to more than an hour. The important thing is not to consider porn actors role models for how long you should last before ejaculation occurs. Not only are they pros at what they do, but the scenes are heavily edited to make you believe every sexual encounter lasts for hours.

What to do to cum in time

Here are some practical tips to help you out.

Sweat it out

Reaching premature orgasms and ejaculation is something you can confront by healthy living. Namely, you need to think about your pelvic floor muscles. With their improved strength, you can better your chances of stopping sperm from shooting out the tip of your penis. These exercises can help with erectile dysfunction too.

  • Kegel Exercises: With just three sets of thirty reps three to four times a week, doing Kegels can massively improve delaying orgasms. They’re not difficult to do and don’t take much time. You just squeeze the muscles that you use to stop the urine flow while urinating for a second or two.
  • Hip Thrusts: Hip thrusts are more than useful when it comes to sex, and they improve your mobility, thrust capacity, and core strength. It’s enough to do three sets of ten repetitions to experience improvement. Just lie down with your upper back on the bench and raise your legs to make your body form a straight line.
  • Front Squats: Another way to treat premature ejaculation with exercises is to do front squats. Spread your feet until they’re shoulder-wide and squat. You can also add weights on a barbell across your upper chest. With three sets of eight to ten reps, you’ll soon increase your pelvic muscle strength and be able to delay shooting load.

Foods to enhance your sex life

It’s no secret that your diet plays a major role in many aspects of life. As such, changing it can make a world of difference to your performance in bed. Numerous studies suggest that eating foods that are rich in zinc and magnesium can help increase the time needed for your penis to explode in jizz galore. Some of these foods include:

  • Oysters
  • Pumpkin seeds
  • Yogurt
  • Spinach
  • Wheat cereal
  • Almonds
  • Beans
  • Lamb and beef
  • Dark chocolate
  • Garlic
  • Peas

Masturbation really helps

Another way to improve the chances of not ejaculating prematurely with a partner is to masturbate not long before sex, i.e., at least an hour or two before sex. Moreover, you should try to do it more than once.

The less time passes between you jerking off and having sex with someone, the more it will take you to stimulate your penis again. This is a common technique many men practice, regardless of whether they have PE problems or not. To make this more interesting, you can use sex toys like auto masturbators and pocket pussies.

Prolong foreplay

Although some people think sex is all about penetration, we beg to differ. Foreplay is a legitimate part of any intercourse, no matter how vanilla or kinky it might be. Hence, we suggest you prolong it to make the whole act more enjoyable. Not only will your sex last longer, but you’ll have additional fun and learn new things about yourself.

Whether it’s oral or finger sex, you shouldn’t shy away from it. Giving head to your partner will make up for your PE problems. However, it’s best to experiment and get some sex toys from With that, a vibrator or dildo will work wonders for your partner before you penetrate them with your penis.

There are two additional techniques that you can try out while having sex to prolong it. The first one is to pause and squeeze the tip of your penis when you feel an orgasm near. Hold it as such until you feel the sensation has passed. You can do this several times during sex, and you might eventually overcome PE problems.

The other technique is the “stop-start.” Some also call it edging, and it’s pretty common in dom/sub relationships. The whole point is to stop having sex as soon as you feel like you’re going to cum. Wait for some time to pass until you feel less aroused and jump back in. Again, you should repeat this for as long as you need to.