Size Matters: Choosing the right penis plug size

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A cock ring causes a harder and longer lasting erection because the penis ring gets tighter with an erection and thus prevents the blood from easily flowing back out of the erectile bodies of the penis so that an erection is and remains maximum: Cock rings are therefore very suitable for men with erection problems or for men who suffer from an erection that lasts only briefly. Even men who normally have a good erection use cock rings to keep the penis extra large and thick, impressing our partner is in our genes and a cock ring can help perfectly. In addition to being able to enjoy sex longer, a cock ring also provides a more intense feeling and a much more intense orgasm. The most stimulating find most men as well as a ring around the ball bag. Let’s find out what is special about sex with penis plug.

Different types, different materials.

There are many types of cock rings and variations on them. Normally the cock ring is worn on the base of the penis; both the penis and the balls go through the ring so that the cock ring is against the lower abdomen. It is often easier to do a cock ring when using a water-based lubricant. There are also penis rings that are only worn around the penis, so even before the scrotum. It can also be very stimulated to wear a ring around the base as well as around the penis or around the ball bag. There are sets available with multiple ring sizes, or for example duo or trio rings that offer everything in one but how about a cock ring with an anal plug, a cock ring with weight or maybe with vibration.

Penis rings are available in hard materials such as Metal (Chrome, RVS, and Aluminum) and in soft, flexible materials such as Rubber, Neoprene, TPR or Silicone. In Leather, it is often cock straps, usually adjustable with printers, laces or buckle. The choice between the many different materials is often personal and certainly advisable to experiment here as well. An important tip in any case is not to use a silicone-based lubricant in combination with a silicone cock ring because the lubricant can then act on the silicone material and drastically shorten its life.

Is a Penis ring or Cock ring safe?

The use of a cock ring is completely safe until the recommended time of 20 to 30 minutes. A cock ring aims to prevent the blood from easily flowing out of the erectile organs of the penis in an erection, so that an erection is and remains maximal. This does not mean that the circulatory system may be completely pinched; this can cause permanent damage to the blood vessels and nerves in the penis. A cock ring should therefore never be too small and get pinched. A good cock ring made of flexible material prevents this and will not quickly pinch too much. In addition to the functional part, a penis ring made of metal is also worn by many men on a daily basis as a kind of jewelry or because it feels comfortable. A metal cock ring maintains its shape and therefore does not pinch in flaccid condition of the penis during prolonged wearing. In the flaccid state of the penis, it is therefore safe to wear a metal ring for a long time because it does not limit the blood circulation. When cock rings made of hard material like metal, therefore ensures the correct size and that the penis ring wears comfortably. In the case of flexible materials, the constant tight connection around the penis is not recommended and it is advisable to observe the recommended time.

A tight penis ring that has been pulled over an erect penis should not be worn longer than half an hour. It is advisable, especially with the flexible cock rings or cock straps to do this with some water-based lubricant so that they can be done easier and do not cause irritation or damage to the skin during the sometimes ‘struggle’ to the whole well to get in place. It prevents even the cock ring pulling because it is easier to handle with some lubricant.

Which size can I order best?

For cock rings or cock rings made of hard materials like the metal (Chrome, RVS, Aluminum) it is important that the right size is chosen and gives a good hard erection but does not pinch with all the consequences. A cock ring that is too small can cause damage yourself and the large cock ring will not achieve the desired effect. Most types of cock rings are available in sizes 40, 45, 50 and 55 mm. in diameter (inside diameter) Some models are available in 60 mm. Depending on the manufacturer sometimes also different sizes such as 41, 44, 48, 51 or 55 mm. stated, this is because they are derived from the inch dimensions. As a rule, you can say that a 40 mm. cock ring is suitable for the small penis, 45 mm. the most sold size and is therefore average. A 50 mm. is more suitable for an average penis that is slightly thicker on average and 55 mm. for the bigger penis. The 60 mm. is best suited for men who often use a penis pump and have therefore achieved a good result. The characteristic of men also appears to be that they always want to estimate their penis bigger when it really is. To have to exchange a penis ring for a smaller size is therefore quite embarrassing. But what size do you really need?

To find out which size cock ring you can best order, you can do the following. Make sure your penis has a hard erection, usually the point that you are almost ready during masturbation the moment the penis is in the ‘hardest’ phase. Then measure the circumference of the penis with the base (for example behind the ball sack, flat against the lower abdomen) with the lace or string. With the lace or string you measure the circumference of the penis, through that part of the lace or to measure the string now you know the circumference of your penis. To determine the diameter for the correct cock ring, divide your measured circumference by 3.14 (pi) and because you want the cock ring to stay in place and do its work effectively, the cock ring may be 3 to 4 millimeters smaller than what you have calculated.

Just a calculation example:

With the lace or string you measure a circumference of 15 cm. You share this outline 3.14. Thus 15: 3.14 = 4.78 cm. rounded, this is 48 mm. in diameter. Get 3 to 4 mm there. From and you have the correct inside diameter for your cock ring. In this calculation example, the best choice would be a cock ring of 45 mm. to be.

The maintenance of a penis ring or cock ring

To keep the penis ring in good condition and to keep it hygienic, it is important to clean the cock ring with soap and water after each use or to spray it with a so-called toy cleaner. The use of a toy cleaner effectively ensures that all bacteria are killed and the next time you can safely use your penis ring again.

There are so many types of penis plugs on the market, and some of them vibrate or connect with electrodes, but without the right design, such as the solid or hollow tapered penis plugs you will not get the full urethral pleasure. Grip the entire length of the stick with your fingertips and pay attention to the points where parts are attached to each other. During sexual play and stimulation, the penis would quickly feel the sinking effect of the ball to the frenulum.