The Yoni Eggs Journey to Your Vagina

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Have you already bought your first yoni egg? You can find many interesting yoni stones here. You are told all you need to know about the benefits of the practice of inserting this natural stone egg but not that.Indeed, although this practice has existed for millennia, we have nowadays a little lost the habit and we do not necessarily know how to go about inserting a yoni egg.

Yoni egg: instructions for use

For starters, you’ll tame your yoni egg. Then you can introduce it. So you can do introductory sessions of your egg and keep a few minutes to do exercises to tone the perineum.

In some women who know their body very well, it is also possible to wait until your body wants to take it out of itself.

You must especially listen to yourself. Normally the egg will want to go out spontaneously.

If you are afraid of not getting it out of your vagina, know that you can choose a perforated model to which you will put a string to remove it easily.

There are sites that  give you good advice for the choice of the egg but also its use. Also you should know how long to use a yoni egg.

Know how to remove your Yoni egg

When you decide to buy a Yoni egg to strengthen the perineum, you have a choice of 3 types. You will first find Yoni’s egg obsidian . It will help you get rid of your resentment and anger through its protective virtues. As for the egg of Yoni in quarter, it is recognized to be beneficial for the body . Regarding the quartz egg, it will help you to have a better appreciation of you.

How to use a yoni egg?

With a yoni egg, we suggest you to strengthen your pelvic muscles smoothly. That said, you have to go gradually. That is to say, on the one hand to choose the right size and on the other hand, not to go to do a marathon with a yoni egg in the vagina from the first day.

Finally, is it really necessary to specify that you must be very careful about the care and cleaning of your egg.

What size ?

The yoni eggs sold online are of different sizes that can be divided into three groups: small, medium and large, which corresponds to a height of 30, 40 and 50mm .

The size of your vagina will determine the size of the egg or balls; Obviously, the bigger the egg, the more you will feel it. It is necessary to feel it physically to work the muscles but not if you want to work only with vibratory energies of the stone (in meditation for example).

Large:  this size is indicated if you have a large vagina, simply, and you can not feel the medium size egg.

It is also indicated in case of relaxation of the perineum, for example when:

  • You can not feel or contract your vagina anymore.
  • You suffer from urinary incontinence: you have leaks when you laugh, cough or sneeze, you often need to go to the bathroom.
  • You have difficulty emptying your bladder.
  • An exception: If during reports, the “woman on” position causes you to have lower abdominal pain, choose an egg or smaller balls to avoid pain. Practice the exercises diligently to tone your muscles and prevent the uterus from falling further.

Medium: this size fits most women.

You get to contract your perineum but you feel like it could get better.

You master the size “big”.

Small: eggs of this size are barely larger than a tampon and most women can not feel them, at least not at first. An egg of the size “small” is used in the following cases:

For vaginal meditation (the goal being to feel and work with the energetic vibrations of the stone, you do not need to feel the egg on the physical plane – on the contrary, it would be rather embarrassing).

  • To wear it for several hours without being embarrassed.
  • You have a good command of the “average” size and you want to push the exercises even further with the “small” size.
  • You suffer from vaginismus.
  • You are virgin.

Why decide to use a Yoni egg?

It will only be after having worked your muscle well that you will be able to switch to a medium size egg. This re-education is essential to avoid urinary leakage every time you sneeze or burst out laughing.

You should know that the sessions should not last more than 3 hours otherwise would be required to overly solicit your perineum and it is not good, it will not make it up faster.

Once the session is over, you will remove your Yoni egg from your vagina . If you have a model with holes, then just pull gently on the string. Otherwise you will “spawn” it naturally.

It must then be cleaned with a mild soap before sterilizing for about ten minutes. This operation is not mandatory after each use but strongly recommended to avoid any risk of infection.

Eggs of yoni: For beginners, tips for buying your first egg

  • Yoni Egg is a natural stone egg. Most often, it is jade. It is a type of object that women can introduce into their vaginas to either strengthen their perineum or to reconnect with their desires and their deep desires. Like how ben wa balls improving sex life, these yoni eggs serve the same purpose too.
  • In stone such as jade, quartz or obsidian, the yoni egg is an object that has a clean energy. So you will be able to work on your energies.
  • Choose a yoni egg
  • A stone yoni egg exists in 3 different sizes: large, medium or small.

The more you have a relaxed perineum, which lacks tone, the more you will choose it big. On the contrary, the more you have a toned perineum, the more you will be able to take a small model of egg. If you want to check the following website , you’ll know more about it. It’s a great way to learn how to use your egg.

The market for sex toys and products has almost daily news, but the yoni egg is definitely not one of them. It has been in place for many centuries – but not here. In Asia, the yoni egg, also called jade egg, is very common and enjoys a great popularity.

The yoni egg is an egg-shaped gem that is introduced into the vagina and positively influences the health of the woman there. Sounds far-fetched? Wait, the principle may seem familiar to you.

Duration of yoni egg application

How long you leave the yoni egg in your vagina depends on how tall and heavy it is and how experienced you are. First, you should use it for 60 to 90 minutes and then gradually increase the time as you like.

Will the yoni egg come out again?

My yoni egg experiences have shown that you do not have to worry about this. When you stand, gravity makes the Yoni egg want out of you. In the beginning, you’ll be more likely to have trouble keeping it to yourself.Many models have a hole for additional security, through which you can thread a narrow string. Sewing thread I can recommend you.