Things You Need to Know Before Trying Role Play Sex

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Although the way we go about sex differs from one person to another, there’s a common thread to all. Namely, after a while, vanilla action inevitably becomes dull and boring. Doing the same things over and over again just can’t satisfy your undying love for carnal pleasures. This is the reason each of us is always on the prowl for new ways to spice things up and make your sex life as exciting as it once was.


A simple yet effective solution that works for most people is roleplay sex. You know, dressing up in costumes, reenacting teacher-student scenarios from porn, and going one step beyond with dirty talk and sexual fantasies. The best thing about role-playing is that there are no rules. You can let your imagination run loose. However, to make most of it, it’s best to first inform yourself of certain details that can make or break your new sex game.

What Is Role Play Sex?

Before we introduce ideas to make roleplay sex more enjoyable, we first need to define what this concept is. In essence, a roleplay scenario involves you and your partner pretending to be other people for at least a little while. By doing so, you can easily remove any feeling of shame or guilt for practicing certain sex acts. And if the thing you’re doing feels wrong, you can always stop and try something else.


The possibilities of roleplaying are endless. You can enjoy pretty much anything that comes to mind. From switching traditional power dynamics to being dominant or submissive, anything goes. And if you want the full experience, you can forget about cliché stuff like sexy lingerie and put on roleplay costumes. For example, one of you can pretend to be Tony Stark, but instead of fighting baddies, you can fuck your assistant, Pepper Potts.

Is Role Play Sex Healthy?

When it comes to kinks and fetishes, there’s a common misconception that they’re inherently bad for you and your relationship. This is due to all sorts of stigmas and taboos that surround sex. Nevertheless, a role-play scenario can do wonders for you and your relationship. The reason why we think this is so is that it helps fantasies come to life as well as show off your vulnerable sides to each other.


Let’s be frank here. Everyone has fantasies. Yet, if we don’t play around with them, we become frustrated, which negatively reflects on our personal life. Therefore, it’s essential to give them a break and try something from time to time to make yourself at peace. On the other hand, coming off as vulnerable in front of your partner isn’t bad. It can help them see you in a different light, making you more human and relatable.

How to Get Started

Like with anything new, the hard part is to start. Luckily, we’re here to lead you safely onto your roleplaying journey. The first thing you and your partner need to do is come up with safe words. These can be anything you come up with. The only important thing is that you both memorize them and stop when one of you speaks them out loud.

Next up, you’ll need to decide which roles you’ll be playing. This relies solely on your imagination. It can be something like teacher-student, doctor-patient, teacher-student, or boss-employee stuff, but it can also be something more outlandish. For example, one of you remains in their real-life character while the other plays a stranger.

After you come up with your role-play ideas and characters, you can start the act. However, we recommend that you begin small. What we mean by this is that you don’t need to go for the grandiose stuff like buying expensive costumes, sex toys, and turning your home into a movie set. Begin with acting, just like you would in a high-school musical.


Some other tips we’d like to mention are to not worry if it feels silly at first. It just will as it’s new. Nevertheless, it will also be fun, which counts. Furthermore, try to shake things up each time by changing the location you engage in roleplaying. For instance, meet up in town and pretend you don’t know each other before hooking up and going home and having sex.

Choosing a Costume

Roleplay costumes are what most imagine when one mentions this kink, and there’s a good reason for this. The thing is, a good costume can elevate the whole experience to a whole new level, making roleplaying as close to real life as it can be.


As such, if you’re into such stuff, you’ll need to choose the right outfit for your fantasy. This means buying a white coat, a maid outfit, or a police uniform for such sex scenes. Still, don’t shy away from costumes that you’d see at a comic convention if that’s your thing. Even better check out this link a costume collection from

Which Costumes Should You Avoid?

Just like in real life, you should avoid outfits that don’t suit your body. By this, we mean if a latex costume is too tight or makes you feel unattractive while wearing it. There’s no reason to wear such outfits just for the sake of roleplaying.


What this can do is make you secretly hate roleplaying. You won’t feel comfortable, and that would be a real shame. Therefore, we recommend that you always stick to what your body accepts and never make harmful compromises.

Rules of Role Play Sex

Like we’ve said, there are no actual rules to role-play sex. The only thing to go by is to make the whole experience safe. And to do so, you’ll need both of you to fully consent to what you’re about to do. There’s no point in forcing someone into your sex fantasy if they’re not willing to participate. It’s wrong on every level, and you should stop.


What you can do is talk about your sexual fantasies. After all, communication is the basis of any successful relationship, let alone an intimate one. Therefore, if there’s something you’d like to try, we suggest opening up to your partner. You can lay out your case and arguments that make you think it would suit the two of you and work your way to an agreement.