What Is A Sex Pillow and Its Top 4 Benefits

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Everyone is busy & is leading a fast lifestyle today. But amidst this pace, lovers may just want to take a more relaxed approach to lovemaking which can be integrated & adjusted along with their work & social life. To capitalize on the few moments that partners do get with each other, they would want to be at the top of their game in terms of performance. And here comes the sex pillow. It’s a practical, minimal sex accessory that helps to facilitate comfortable positioning for more enjoyable lovemaking.

It’s to stress here a sex pillow is not a regular pillow that you sometimes use while having sex. In fact, a sex pillow is the one which is especially designed for sex and erotic moves. You will find them in varied styles, sizes and shapes. Some are curved. Some are big in size while some are moderately sized. However, the most popular of these are wedge-shaped sex pillows which come with a slanted slope for better support.

Top benefits of sex pillow

If you are still in a dilemma about whether or not to use sex pillows, here are its major advantages to convince you.

Unmatched support for the body

A sex pillow is especially designed to offer better support to different areas of a body for a pain-free and more delightful experience. From lifting the hips for sideway sex to elevating the bum for rear entry to boosting the back for hot penetrative sex- a sex pillow always ensures more backup compared to a regular pillow. Put simply, sex pillows are specifically shaped to hold the body up and a regular pillow is just meant for sleeping with head on them. Thus, with a sex pillow, you will always experience better comfort & support under back or hips or knees and so on.

For example, a wedge sex pillow is great for a painless and smooth doggy style play. Why? When a woman bends down to a doggy pose, she tends to experience pain on both hands and knees during prolonged sessions. It’s because in this case, her body weight rests on these two parts. But when you do the same thing with a sex pillow it’s always a pain-free experience. In this case, the woman would just have to lie down on the pillow on her stomach and the pillow’s elevated end would boost her rear before the man. This way, she doesn’t need to put pressure on her hands & knees. When you perform doggy-style sex on a sex pillow, it’s the pillow that will bear the pressure.

More comfort

As sex pillows are meant to extend powerful support to different parts of the body, it’s always more comfortable to have sex on them.  These pillows are especially great for those who suffer from backache or some kind of body pain that make sexual acts strenuous for them. No wonder, a lot of middle-aged couples swear by sex pillows for dreamy comfortable sex.

Amazing for all body contours

Sex pillow is amazing for all body builds. If you are complaining of missing out on deep penetration due to the small size of your male partner- sex pillow will solve the woe for you. Again, if your male partner boasts a large size and you are scared of slipping out completely-count on sex pillow.

Great for various positions

You can take the support of sex pillow for just any position. Whether you are craving for strong G-spot stimulation during missionary sex or wild anal fun or vigorous oral sex or a thrilling 69- everything can be done on sex pillow. And, that too with more comfort and success.

More stable

Sex pillows are specifically designed to be more stable. Unlike regular pillows, these pillows won’t sink down after a while. It’s to stress here, sex pillows are strategically made with premium high-density foam for sturdy support.